Apply for Adsense: How to Get Your Site Approved by Google Adsense

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The most recent methods for getting your site approved by Google Adsense.

This is the tip I have been using since 2019, but today I feel like revealing it to everyone due to the number of challenges bloggers face nowadays. Everyone in this group has different tips to share, but these are the tips I have been using, which are unique to the styling format.

Here are the tips. Before we begin this, I would like to encourage every blogger that is facing a lot of challenges. I will guarantee you that this post will help you get Adsense approved within one week or two weeks. 

Tips to Get your site approve by Google Adsense

  1. Before you apply for adsense, think very well. Ask yourself what you have to offer that is not yet on Google or published by other bloggers. When you answer this question, then you can move to the next step.
  2. Avoid using a null theme or template: While some people have used null themes to get AdSense approval, not all null themes are created equal. Some Null themes store the previous site data in the code, eg. As a result, your website will be rejected. this case, I would recommend newaible to hire a professional designer because when you start a blog, it is necessary that a well-designed blog attract a lot of visitors to stay on the site and earn more because Google wants your visitors to always stay and view ads. That should be your number one goal to keep in mind.
  1. Content writing format: in this case, the format is your writing style that will make you stand out. This writing style also helps you rank well on Google, which is a bonus for this post. Your writing style should be in one form, e.g., If you are writing about the worst, all your content on the site should begin with “worst blah blah”. One worst category and one worst tag. 
  2. Content length and number of posts: in this case, your content length also matters a lot. I usually write my content at a minimum of 1K with 5 posts before applying. And also make sure it has unque content.
  3. Site Age and Traffic: I’ve been using it for 1 to 2 months and have gotten adsense approved, so the site age doesn’t really matter, but make sure your content starts getting at least 2 clicks per day from Google to earn a little trust. Sometimes Google disapproves sites for some reason, which I will post soon.
  4. Add required pages: the most important page is adding your true identity to your site; for example, writing about yourself and linking it to your main social profile. You can delete it later once you get approved to avoid hate and booming. Google loves it when they see the real owner of the site. Your pictures should be added as well. and adding additional pages like contact, privacy policy, and your real office address to the site.
  5. For clarity, when applying for adsense, you must create the Gmail account you want to use for adsense and ensure that Gmail has full access to your search console account.
  6. Avoid Facebook Traffic: If you intend to apply for AdSense with your new site, I recommend that you do not share it on Facebook. Google adsense hates Facebook traffic. Let’s say 99% of your new traffic comes from Facebook, Google will reject your site immediately. So for now, you can use other social media but not Facebook. I will personally recommend you use Twitter because Twitter traffic has less trust than Facebook traffic. You can google it if you want to learn more.
  7. Applying Time: After implementing the above techniques, wait for like one week and apply. But if you have been rejected more than five times, I will advise you to close the account and re-activate it. When re-activating, it changes your location.

This is one of the tips I have been using to get adsense without stressing myself, but I will always advise you to work on traffic first. Feel free to Dm Me if you need help.

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