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Truehost | How To Build A Website With Truehost

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Truehost built an amazing website that makes sales within a minute. This article tells you everything you need to know about truehost and how to start a New profitable blog in 2022.

Truehost is one of the best African hosting companies at the moment it has 99.8% uptime. Truehost had never disappointed me ever since I host most of my website with them. The name truehost, you should be able to understand that truehost is legit, I am not lying but I am telling you the truth.

Truehost Review 2022

Truehost Review, in today article you will learn a lot such as truehost uptime, truehost features, advantage, and how to place an order including how to install WordPress.

“Please note that this article is not a paid promotion or affiliate article. Any link you see on this Post is PPTHCL. Means (per personal true Host company link) I truth then, and their services is good as well.”


just like I said in my previous post WHO IS STIG KING is something I do recommend you to check out. now let see some of the truehost features

Features Of Truehost

  • Technical Support
  • Cpanel management
  • All in one website builder
  • One click installation
  • Unlimited site
  • WordPress hosting
  • Strong and reliable uptime
  • Hosting are very cheap
  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • One-click login to Cpanel


The above are some highlights features of Truehost.
To keep it as easy as possible, let me explain everything we have listed so far.


TECHNICAL SUPPORT: as I said earlier, I will rate truehost 10/10 when it comes to technical support. Technical support is how web hosting companies take care of their client’s queries. Ever since am using truehost, I have never experienced poor technical

CPANEL MANAGEMENT: when you purchase a hosting plan with a domain, Truehost will personalize your unique Cpanel. Cpanel management is your internet hard drive where everything about your site is stored in it. I will write more details on these Cpanel in my next post.
All in one website builder: the words all in one builder means that a client can easily build any website of their choice, either WordPress, Joomla etc.
If you are looking for ISP, (internet service provider ). that offers all in one website builder, then truehost is here for you.

One-click installation: means easy to install any website platform such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress etc. Truehost are recommended when it comes to the installation of websites.

Unlimited Site: when you choose truehost gold hosting, it has an unlimited package that was included to sliver and gold plan. If you are looking for an unlimited site I would recommend you to choose the Truehost gold plan. This plan has a free domain for a lifetime.

WordPress Hosting: WordPress hosting is a unique hosting meant for WordPress only. You should have known what WordPress is about, and hosting it has helped millions of people. We will discuss this in the next post.

Strong and reliable uptime: Strong and reliable uptime, means that truehost provide 100% uptime. It is good to choose a web hosting company that offers strong unreliable uptime and no downtime. choosing a web hosting from any Internet service provider is something you should think twice about. when it comes to strong and reliable uptime we recommend you to choose Truehost.

Hosting are very cheap
: truehost plan is very cheap plus good for starters and pros.
If the price of items is low, peoples normally think, that items are not of good quality. Through this hosting, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Easy to navigate interface: people like the well-designed page, easy to navigate in truehost. You can easily navigate around the page very clear interface.
The clearly navigable interface helps beginners to understand which company is this and how to get started with them.

One-Click Login To Cpanel: one-click login to Cpanel is an amazing feature of truehost you don’t need to be typing your password username bla blah blah blah blah all the time. All you need is to click the link to the C panel, it will automatically login you to Cpanel.
Now I hope you understand all the features that I have listed below, so for the main time let’s move into the main article on how to get started with truehost and set up your blog today.

Truehost Promo Code

Truehost promo code, TRUEH10Q, this Promo code will only apply to your order when you use this link during sign-up Official truehost promo.

How To Order Hosting Plan At Trusthosts?

Since you have understood most of the features that were listed below I want to move you to the next steps on how to order a plan at true hosts without wasting much time.

Number one, visit 👉truehost or click this link TrustHost main Page.


Number two, choose hosting plan that, for now I will pick gold plan.

Number 3, Choose your domain name And do avoid long domain.

Number 4, please order and make payments. Once an order is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email from truehost.


Congratulations you have successfully paid for your hosting; now it is time to install your site to go live.
Let’s go into the setup and installation.

Number one: login to your Cpanel truehost cloud.

Number two: Roll down under application and click the wordpress logo.

Number three: Fill out the correct installation of WordPress with the free ssl. See screenshot below.

Number four: once you have done with the installation, click publish, and wait for the installation to complete.
Once again you will receive updates on the installation. In case you still don’t know truehost contact, or truehost client login, here it.👇

Truehost login

Following the link below to your account.

Truehost client login

Following the link below to your account. Note, you must purchase hosting or domain in order to access your account fully link. click the login page here

Truehost Cpanel login

Following the link below to your Cpanel account. login here, and the panel URL, every user has it own unique Cpanel login.

Truehost Contact

Truehost contact, one of the best ways to contact Truehost teams is via Live chat on this site or WhatsApp or email. And here are their contact details. Feel free to contact them if you have any issues.

WHATAPP : +1 (972) 674-3814

But I recommend you use live chat if you need a fast response.

Truehost also offer free website builders, you can fine it here free website host.

In case you need a website design that will get monetized within one week add your developer of WhatsApp he will help you do all the necessary work, including SEO, website speed, and user-friendly design +2348111326078)


I personally wrote this content is to enlighten the younger youths that may be interesting to start a blog.
I hope you enjoy this article. Do feel free to drop your comments and share your opinion via the comments below.

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